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Targets and goals
targets and goals
Interaction with authorities
The purpose of the association is to present the Pet industry as a significant element in the economy of the Russian Federation. By uniting in the Association, our members are getting the possibility to represent the field of Pet industry in a serious and complex way in a national scale and to get access to various levels of government to discuss cooperation between our bloc and the state economy.
Consolidation through a single position and strategy
Our Association, as the union of the biggest members of the pet industry market provides the more clear definitions of the boundaries of the pet industry in the Russian Federation. The goal of such consolidation is to forming a single delineated cluster in the Russian economy. Having developed a unified development strategy that respects the interests of all participants in the pet business industry, we will be able to work on the global development of the entire industry as a whole on a national scale.
Participation in lawmaking, the formation of rules and norms
Accreditation in state bodies, as well as in the working groups of relevant committees of the State Duma for the purpose to put forward legislative initiatives in the interests of the industry.
Development of industry ethics and common projects
Establishing constructive and effective communication, for which is developing a common ethics of interaction, based on universal respect and observance of the interests of all participants.
Improving the communication system between market players
Our members cover a wide variety of areas in animal care. The Association can act as a platform for interaction and cooperation between different market players, which can potentially serve as a basis for creating joint projects, establishing cooperation in related areas of the industry and, in general, creating a single field for communication and interaction.
Promoting the culture of keeping pets
As working with the animals our organization is also take on an ethical mission and so promote modern values regarding the full and competent care of pets in compliance with their identified needs to present days, as well as support social norms and orders in the field of ownership of certain pets.
Educational activities
Association works on educational activities and increase professional literacy and erudition both among specialists and among pet owners. Knowledge and involvement in up-to-date knowledge in the field of animal care will allow both suppliers and consumers of goods and services to act most rationally. There are plans to conduct training webinars from the best specialists to improve the professional literacy and erudition of market participants.
Work on the reputation of the Russian Zooindustry on the world stage.
We are working on maintain of a quality of the Russian pet business as to correspond with the most modern international standards and quality.
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